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A large number of Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store customers ask assistance for car lockouts. You’d be surprised at how many people manage to leave their keys in their car and shut the door on them, locking themselves out. Instead of trying to jimmy the lock yourself and damaging your car in the process, you can contact Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store for assistance. We will come to you at any location in Point Breeze in quick time. 
Getting your keys locked in the car can be a frustrating experience and can leave you feeling helpless, especially if you are stranded in a strange neighborhood or city or if you have to go to work soon. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store is a leading local locksmith in Point Breeze, PA area when it comes to automotive emergencies.
We know how tense situations like emergencies are, especially vehicular ones, but don’t worry; we charge reasonable rates which are quite affordable. Instead of breaking the glass window of your precious vehicle, you can just call us if you are locked out, and our auto locksmiths will make you new keys which cost less than what it takes to get the windows of your vehicle repaired. 

Why choose us?

  • We run a 24/7 service in Point Breeze
  • We provide affordable locksmith services 
  • Fast response times
  • Mobile locksmith vans for high mobility 
  • Onsite key cutting or lock repair
  • Broken key extraction

Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store provides other services in addition to the ones above:

Ignition services

 Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store provides a range of ignition-related services for your car. We can help you duplicate your ignition keys, replace your ignition switch or cylinders and also perform on site repairs. Our team is comprised of thorough professionals who know how to work on a variety of locks.

New keys

We can help you make new keys to help keep your vehicle safe. How does this work? Sometimes thieves are able to replicate keys of popular car brands, which may be used to unlock your car. We can make high security transponder keys or laser keys that make it almost impossible for them to pick your lock and provide you with maximum possible security. 

Unlocking trunks

A jammed trunk is a big annoyance. If you happen to lose you trunk keys or if you can’t get your trunk to open, you can call Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store. We will send our team over to you and have your trunk opened in a jiffy. 

Duplicate keys

We can duplicate all sorts of car keys. That way, you can provide a set of car keys to members of your family of keep a set safe at home for backup. We can duplicate high-security keys too. 

Door lock repairs

Even if there is an issue concerning the locks of your car doors, no matter electric or mechanic, our team can help you fix it in no time!

Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store can repair a wide range of common or uncommon locks, and we have experience working on both mechanic and electrical locks. Our experienced team can easily help you fix or maintain your old lock. 

The Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store locksmith service has a great reputation in Philadelphia. If you ever happen to be in Point Breeze and require a competent locksmith, our name ought to be on the top of your list. We are fast, reliable and effective. We are thorough professionals who pay attention to the little details and don’t skimp when we make new locks or keys. We also maintain a fleet of mobile locksmith vans that can come to any location in Point Breeze. So no matter where you are or what time it is, you can contact Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store to avail the services of a professional auto locksmith.