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Maintaining security at your office or your commercial space is, needless to say, a priority. A large number of people visit commercial spaces with regularity, which means your valuable possessions are potentially at risk of theft. You also probably need to keep valuable employee or business information secure. You can contact Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store in Point Breeze for professional locksmithing services. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store is a commercial locksmith with an outstanding reputation and we’ve contracted with a large number of commercial businesses in the past. Some of our valuable clients include commercial spaces, restaurants, offices, business centers and hotels.

Why choose us?

  • We are a 24/7 commercial locksmith 
  • A dedicated, expert team that can work on all sorts of commercial requests
  • Mobile locksmith with a network all over Point Breeze
  • Solutions that provide multiple layers of security
  • Quick, on-site repairs and replacements
  • 24-hour emergency locksmith services
  • Security consultation services upon request
  • Cost effective, one-stop solutions for all your security needs

Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store operates an experienced team of veteran locksmiths. Our locksmiths are qualified to repair and replace a wide variety of commercial locks, and can be trusted to perform their jobs with skill and expertise. We have set up some very complex high-security systems in the past. We can provide multi-layered security solutions as well as master key systems to make it convenient for business owners to access all parts of their property. No matter the size of the business or the number of locks you want installed, Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store can help.

We operate a professional service which you can truly rely on. If you’re interest in our commercial services, here’s a highlight of the services we provide in Point Breeze:

Emergency opening and unlock

We handle emergency unlocking requests from business owners who get locked out of their offices or commercial spaces. Getting locked out of your place of work is major productivity loss. In such cases, it’s important that you get inside as quickly as you can. You can contact our emergency locksmiths to come to you at any time of the day, on any day of the week. We know you time is valuable, and our service is geared to help you save as much of it as possible.

Lock change or repairs

Locks can get damaged or worn out over time. Worn-out locks can be difficult to open. Sometimes the key itself can break inside the lock because it is not built to handle a lot of strain. It’s important that you maintain or service your lock every once in a while to avoid such a scenario. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store can service or repair your broken lock in quick time. We are affordable and good at what we do.

Safe/ File cabinet locks

We know you need a safe space to store your important business documents or files. We can install a wide range of small but nonetheless high-security locks on your file cabinets. Such locks can be operated easily but are still a significant deterrent to thieves. We can also work on your safe or provide safe locks for you to protect your money or other valuables.

Emergency exit locks

Businesses in Point Breeze are required to have emergency exits locks. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store can provide a range of locking mechanisms for emergency exits that can ensure employee safety in case of emergency and can get the emergency exit door opened quickly. 

Master key

Some business owners require a master key and sub-master key system. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store are experts at installing master key systems. However, not all business places are suitable for such a system. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store recommends you contact us and request a security consultation before you decide to install a master key system on your building. 

High security locks

Commercial spaces need high security locks to help them protect their valuable assets or products. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store can install high security locking systems like digital locks, restricted keyway locks, magnetic locks, keypad locks as well as advanced manual deadbolt systems if you don’t like relying on technology alone. 

Door repair and unlock

Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store will repair or unlock any door in your office or business space. We will handle your request in quick time, and we’re very good at our jobs. 

Call Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store if you need to revamp your commercial business’ security and for standard lock and locksmith services!