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Rekeying locks is a simplistic process by which you can get the internal configuration of your locks changed. When you notice the minor signs of lock repair, we get suggestions about replacing the locks immediately. Also, the common view is that all old locks are outdated and inefficient, but seriously that is not really the case. Having a top-rated old lock in place that work fine need not be replaced just because you doubt someone holds the spare key to unlock it.

Have you ever thought it is better to have better old locks rather than an advanced lock that doesn’t operate well due to minor complications within? Well such a situation doesn’t require a lock replacement. The wiser and the more economical solution to such issue is to simply rekey the lock. This takes lesser time, lesser costs and also no need to get along with new locks. Above all it provides the same level of security that getting new locks installed would provide.

Types of rekeying locks services

Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store, Point Breeze, PA 215-647-9763At Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store, we provide our assistance when our clients misplace or their keys got stolen. We provide our rekeying locks services:

  • To Vehicle Owners
  • To Residential spaces
  • To rekey to master key system
  • To Commercial spaces

When should you get the residential locks rekeyed?

Residential areas are places where you and your loved ones feel safe. Their security is your responsibility. Experts suggest that rekeying locks is an absolute necessity when you move into new apartment/house/others, because you never know if the old tenant still possesses the door keys, and also other individuals would have a copy of the same key. It might be a threat to the safety of your family! You need to consider rekeying for greater privacy and security.

When do commercial spaces need rekeying?

In order to protect your business premises from any vandals or burglary, avail our services. When you get any hint that your lock system needs a repair or rekeying, just contact us. Point Breeze PA Locksmith Store is a premium locksmith agency operating in the area for over a decade. Our technicians are highly experienced at providing excellent rekeying locks services according to your demands!

To avail our services, call us at 215-647-9763.Our services are available 24/7 because emergencies do not oblige to time of the day or day of the year!